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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde coursework Essay Example for Free

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde coursework Essay In the novel, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde which was composed by Stevenson in 1886, a specialist known as Henry Jekyll is interested to know whether it is conceivable to isolate the different sides of human instinct, great and underhandedness. In his storm cellar he makes an invention to attempt and this is were Mr Hyde is acquainted with the story. Jekyll drinks the elixir and changes into Hyde. Hyde is a prime case of unadulterated malevolence, the direct inverse of Dr Jekyll however later on he is taken over by Hyde and it appears through him needing to change again after the entirety of the violations submitted by his clouded side. Stevensons objective for the novel was to get the peruser to understand that no one is great and everyone has a clouded side to their character. The Victorian period began in 1837 and finished in1901. This was to what extent Queen Victoria administered for. Society in London was elegant and rich during that time. In the novel Dr Jekyll is one of these rich individuals. In spite of the fact that London was supposed to be an edified spot there were really a couple of hoodlums who submitted awful assaults, executions and murders. Jack the ripper is one of them. This side of society in those days speaks to Mr Hyde. London in those days had dull fogy evenings and some blustery evenings, indistinguishable from the evenings portrayed in Jekyll and Hyde. nine toward the beginning of the day, and the main haze of the period as the taxi drew up before the location demonstrated, the haze lifted a little and indicated him a dirty road. The setting is picking Mr Uttersons way. The setting gives an image that insidious is attempting to choose Uttersons way, attracting him into fiendish. The Fog gives the crowd a breezy and tense climate. You feel that anything could occur and that abhorrence is sneaking some place past the mist yet it is imperceptible. Much the same as Mr Hyde, whatever will occur next is unusual. There is additionally a feeling of doubt as the mist lifted a little and demonstrated him a grimy road. We wonder why the mist shows him a shabby road which is in all probability swarmed with abhorrent creatures and we additionally wonder if Mr Utterson is meandering into a snare and this increases the suspence. Underhanded driving forces arent attractive and this shows when Hyde investigates the mirror just because for the crowd to see. He isn't anything but difficult to depict. There is some kind of problem with his appearance, something disappointing, something out and out contemptible. I never observed a man I so loathed He seems like a repulsive beast, distorted and gives the lady a sentiment of contempt when she sees him. Most lowlifess look discomforting like the ones in films. Jekyll then again is the direct inverse, attractive and enjoyed by the ladies in the novel. This shows the distinction between the great and malice in the novel and adds to Stevensons target of getting the peruser to see the contrast among great and insidiousness. Hydes activities are bestial and he gives an indication of superhuman quality when he beats Carew so quickly his stick snaps and Carew kicks the bucket. This stresses his outrage towards Carew and this ridiculous assault is so merciless, it makes the made at the window black out from stun. what's more, at that Mr Hyde broke out everything being equal and clubbed him to the earth. Furthermore, next second, with chimp like anger, he was stomping on his casualty under his foot and hailing down a tempest of blows, under which bones were discernibly broken and the body bounced upon the roadway. At the frightfulness of these sights, the house cleaner swooned. This portrayal shows how tireless Hyde is and he doesnt keep down his resentment and lets free a blast of bone breaking blows. It is obvious to the crowd that he has directed his annoyance into his physical quality at that point releases is all on Carew and the way that Carew is pounded the life out of further communicates his displeasure and contempt towards Carew. His activities gives us an understanding of what he is genuinely equipped for doing and furthermore makes us wonder on the off chance that he is a human or a savage mammoth with serious quality. Back in those occasions notoriety was a key factor to a notable well off people life and Hyde lives on a dull grimy road though Jekyll lives in his unassuming habitation to abstain from being discovered by Utterson and Enfield. The two of them are dubious about Jekyll and need to discover him out however they are uncertain on the off chance that they should demolish his notoriety, so all things considered they watch out for him and ask him a couple of inquiries. The data they discover they need to mind their own business since they dont need to demolish Jekylls notoriety on the off chance that he is blameless. Utterson and his colleague Mr Enfield do everything they can to distinguish who Hyde truly is. What makes them believe is when Hyde stomps on tranquilly over the young lady and Utterson needs Hyde to pay à ¯Ã¢ ¿Ã¢ ½100 pay and when he does, they understand that it is marked by Dr Henry Jekyll however the two of them guarantee never to discuss the case again, so they dont let i t out into general society. Hyde can remain avoided the two legal counselors due to the territory he lives in. The zone is messy, shabby, rotten and loaded with the low classed individuals. Thusly Hyde can stay under the radar and high status individuals wont journey into this region and spot Hyde. He mixes in with the entirety of the residents there. The ladies are poor and extremely savage and alluded to as Wild shrews And constantly, as we were contributing it super hot, we were keeping the ladies off him as well as can be expected, for they were as wild as wenches This statement stresses the fierce side to these ladies. They have released their clouded side, much the same as Hyde was released from Jekyll and when Hyde falls into difficulty, a lady snickers and says he merits it. This woman gives her clouded side and no regret at this remark towards Mr Hyde. This causes you to understand that not just Dr Jekyll has an abhorrent side to his character. This likewise causes us to understand that everybody has an abhorrent side to their character. Stevenson presents the insidious side of human instinct in his novel, anyway he likewise catches the great side of human instinct and this is demonstrated when Henry Jekyll admits to his own blame. The joys which I made scramble to look for my mask were, as I have stated, undignified; I would scant utilize a harder term. However, in the possession of Edward Hyde, they before long started to turn towards colossal it was Hyde, all things considered, and Hyde alone, that was liable. Jekyll was no more terrible. Dr Jekyll is admitting to his missteps and he uncovers to us that Hyde was his mask. He is assuming liability for releasing his clouded side which is Hyde and alludes to his activities as undignified. This shows there is a decent side to each human and he has shown this through uncovering that Hyde was to be faulted for the entirety of the wrongdoings submitted and that Jekyll (his great side) was no more terrible. In general Stevenson has given us that no human is great. Everybody has a darker side to their character. Great and malice is a customary piece of human instinct. Stevenson causes us to understand that we are generally fit for doing awful things however all decide not to for an assortment of reasons.

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Primary and secondary infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis Essay

Essential and auxiliary contamination with Mycobacterium tuberculosis - Essay Example change from a less lethal ailment to a deadly ailment with less possibility for endurance. Along these lines, it is essential to experience the histopathological changes occurring in the lung identified with essential and auxiliary contamination with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Essential disease with Mycobacterium tuberculosis mostly influences human respiratory framework (lungs). In addition, the principle side effects of this contamination are like other basic sicknesses and the genuine issue gets unnoticed. Anderson et al. (2014, p. 1713) express that ‘Since the indications and indications of youth tuberculosis are found in a scope of different conditions, clinical conclusion is unreliable’. As the underlying contamination or Primary TB is seen among youngsters, the contamination may influence their resistance and may prompt different illnesses as a rule. One can see that immunization isn't powerful for this contamination since it spreads through air and direct contact with the tainted individual. Along these lines, the most ideal treatment for essential disease is to analyze the equivalent and to give legitimate clinical treatment. Warner and Mizrahi (2014, p. 1642) express that ‘In the nonattendance of an antibody to give long haul s ecurity, control of medication vulnerable tuberculosis is to a great extent reliant on a standard half year chemotherapy routine that has been being used for more than three decades’. What's more, appropriate clinical treatment can fix this contamination since present day medication ends up being viable while managing the equivalent. From an alternate point of view, treatment for essential disease can thwart the fast spread of optional contamination in light of the fact that. Real et al. (2011, p.2156) express that ‘More than 2 billion people are tainted with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and from this repository dynamic tuberculosis will create in a large number of people in coming decades.’ For example, clinical treatment can block the spread of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from individual to individual and can spare a great many individuals. These days, treatment for this infection is

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Blog Archive What to Do If You Are an Overrepresented Candidate

Blog Archive What to Do If You Are an Overrepresented Candidate These days, the applicant pools for the top MBA programs are overfull with talented and experienced investment bankers, consultants, and software engineers. As a result, these candidates are considered “overrepresented” and may have a much harder time standing out from the crowd. However, if you fall into one of these groups, do not lose hope. Although you cannot alter your work history, you can change the way you present yourself and your candidacy to the admissions committees. We at mbaMission can offer a few suggestions for ways to ensure your essays grab an admissions reader’s attention. Our first strategy is more of a “dont” than a “do.” We see many candidates who start their essays with a straightforward introductory line that immediately and undeniably overrepresents their overrepresentation. For example, one might write, “When I started as an analyst at Morgan Stanley in 2011, I was immersed in Excel spreadsheets….” But by using this kind of opening statement, the applicant may as well have written, “As one of many indistinguishable banking candidates you will see this year, I have done the exact same work as hundreds of other applicants.” Consider instead what we call a  non-introduction introduction. Rather than using a more formal and traditional chronology, start your essay with a line that immediately immerses the admissions reader in a dynamic story. Consider the following two examples: Example 1: “When I started my first job after college as a banking analyst with Morgan Stanley, I flew to Houston to meet with a client, ABC Healthcare.” Example 2: “The first thing I did after my plane touched down in Houston at 5:00 a.m. was call to let the CFO of ABC Healthcare know I was on my way to meet him at his office. My firm, Morgan Stanley, had an important deal hanging in the balance with this significant client, and I had been tasked with the job of.” By launching into a story and incorporating favorable facts in Example 2, this applicant has put him/herself in the middle of the action and created a story the reader wants to follow. One of the distinct advantages of the “non-introduction introduction” is that it can create a sense of mystery that compels the reader to stay engaged with the essay to its conclusion. It can also make the candidate’s story much more memorable. Disrupting chronology  is another valuable strategy. If your target MBA program asks you to discuss your career history, you are not required to outline your career to date in order from your first position to your current one (a method that can easily highlight your overrepresentation). Again, consider the following examples, in this case for a programmer who rose to lead a team of 30. Which is more interesting to you? Example 1: “After joining InfoTech, I spent my first six months writing code…” Example 2:  â€œAs the manager of 30 software engineers at InfoTech, I often call on my early days with the firm when I myself spent six straight months engaged in writing code…” If the candidate were to begin his essay with a statement like Example 1, he would risk losing the admissions reader’s interest immediately. After all, having written code is not an unusual claim, but few individuals are given the responsibility of overseeing 30 employees before business school. So even though this fact is from the applicant’s most recent position, rather than his first, it is a compelling and impressive oneâ€"and therefore much better fodder for a strong essay introduction. This candidate can in part overcome the hurdle of being an overrepresented software engineer by highlighting this differentiating aspect of his candidacy right way, which is only possible by foregoing the classic career timeline approach. Of course, some finesse and thoughtful effort are necessary to ensure you ultimately cover all the relevant phases of your work historyâ€"with special attention to formulating creative transition ideas and sentencesâ€"but the effort will be well worth the ti me. Overrepresented applicants who have unique career aspirations can take the strategy of  leading with goals as a way of focusing the admissions committee’s attention on what sets them apart rather than on what they have in common with other candidates in the pool. As with your career history, you do not have to present this aspect of your candidacy in chronological order or only after first detailing your work experience. Be aware, however, that starting your essay with your goals is an effective approach only if you have goals that differ from what an admissions reader might expect for someone like you. For example, an Indian technologist who intends to start a software firm someday would not be particularly well served by starting his/her essay with this information, but one who aspires to open a boutique hotel could very much benefit from this alternate approach. Similarly, a consultant who has plans to establish a competitive windsurfing circuit could stand out from similar appl icants by detailing this bold goal right from the start. That said, we emphatically recommend that you do not try to come up with a “wild” goal just to use this strategyâ€"your goal(s) must be authentic and make sense within the context of your career experience, interests, and skill set. But if you legitimately have aspirations that differentiate you from your otherwise comparable peers, rearranging the typical structure of your goals essay could certainly make a difference. Finally, whether you consider yourself an overrepresented applicant or not, you should think long and hard about how you begin your essay. Even those of us who have not read Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities  readily recognize the work’s famous first lines: “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” A powerful first sentence  can stick with your admissions reader long after he/she has finished reading your submission. Which of the following opening lines better captures your attention? Example 1: “After I graduate with my MBA, I hope to work in the wine industry.” Example 2: “Blood may run in the veins of most human beings, but I believe wine flows through mine.” With respect to opening lines, the possibilities are endless, and no formula exists for crafting the best one. But the first few sentences of your essay set the tone and can greatly influence whether an admissions reader will want to keep reading to learn more about you. So, overrepresented candidates in particular need to be strategic in their approach to ensure the less common elements of their profile get the attention they deserve. Share ThisTweet Application Tips Essays

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The Legend of the Minotaur - 1311 Words

One of the most popular Greek myths is the story of Theseus and the Minotaur, it centres around an early civilisation on the island of Crete, it is a myth told long before Athens became the ruling capital. It is the legend of the Minotaur. The legend of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth of Knossos in Crete has enthralled many historians, archaeologists over, anthropologists and so on over years, even centuries. However, one archaeologist was captivated by the entrancing and beauty of the myth of The Minotaur and the Palace in Knossos was Arthur Evans. Before work began in Crete by the British archaeologist Evans at Knossos, knowledge of the Bronze Age Minoan culture was only faintly reflected in a few Classical Greek myths. By the time†¦show more content†¦They survived to a height of about two metres and were lined with gypsum benches. On one side was a gypsum throne and on the other a sunken room which Evans called a ‘Lustral Basin’. Over the course of the next four years, most of the ten-acre site had been excavated— although work would continue off and on until 1930. Evans was struck by the apparent absence of fortifications around the site and took this as confirmation of the ‘Thalassocracy of Minos’ described by Thucydides. In his decisive (and highly controversial) site interpretations, Evans drew heavily from post-Bronze Age, ancient Greek mythology to assume the site as the palace of the legendary King Minos. This conclusion is now much disputed, but early on gained solid grip among many archaeologists as well as in the popular imagination. In legends from sources varying from Herodotus to Hellenistic coins, Knossos was thought to be the palace site of Minos, king of the Cretan Minoans whose labyrinth contained the mythic Minotaur. Evans interpreted the complex layout of the palace at Knossos as labyrinthine, and connected this with the double-axe symbol or labrys found engraved on columns at the palace. Thus, his identification of Knossos civilization as Minoan made a compelling if (at times) somewhat strained metaphor, given the associated myths of King Minos, the labyrinth, and the Minotaur. His results and methods have come under criticism sinceShow MoreRelatedNot Have A Clue, The Etymology Of An Indication1046 Words   |  5 Pagesone universal definition. However, it deviates from mythology to modern discourse. For example, Theseus, the son of an Athenian King, narrowly escaped a Minotaur by ways of a clew. Clew derives from an undated Greek source denoting a ball of threadlike fabric. Middle English adopted a more figurative sense from the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. The word gradually progressed, according to the Oxford Dictionaries, into clue, â€Å"a piece of evidence or information used in detection of a crime or solvingRead MoreDevil Incarology And Archetypes In Beowulf1408 Words   |  6 Pagesdifference between them is that the dragon is much wiser and personifies greed which the Basilisk does not. Another mythical creature that was used in literature is the Minotaur. The Minotaur is The Beast archetype because The Beast is an unintelligent killing predator with little to no intelligence. Both Grendel and the Minotaur are described as hairy and humanoid and in Beowulf, Grendel is shown as The Beast archetype. â€Å"Suddenly then the God-cursed brute was creating havoc: greedy and grim, heRead More Greek Gods Essay example835 Words   |  4 Pages Greek Gods nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Welcome to my report on Greek gods and myths. You will learn about the gods and what they did. It is also about the myths and legends of Greece. greek gods nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The gods of Greece are alike many other types of gods. They were pictured a lot like human men and women. The Greeks didnt worship any animals. The gods, like people were endowed with many weaknesses. The gods could be jealous, envious, spiteful, and petty. The gods wereRead MoreThemes In Daedalus And Icarus734 Words   |  3 Pagesindividual learns, grows, and evolves. Each new experience can relate to an individual method to dealing with barriers presented growing up. In the Greek myth and legend, â€Å"Daedalus and Icarus†, I was able to associate parts of the stories with the phases that humans go through as we mature. The underlying themes that are presented in the legend include one’s relationship with parents, facing fears, and experiences with love. Nevertheless, one has different experiences when handling the each various situationRead MoreThe Symbols And Similarities Of Captain America And Theseus731 Words   |  3 Pageslife to save millions of people from a terrible fate. Steve exemplifies heroes sacrifice, a significant factor of a hero.. In Mythology by Edith Hamilton, Theseus attempts to kill the Minotaur to stop the sacrifices, â€Å"Theseus came forward and offer ed to be one of the victims...he intended to try to kill the minotaur† (151). Theseus also makes the tough decision to sacrifice his potential future for others. He also takes place of an offering, sparing someone’s life for his own. Theseus’ selfless decisionRead MoreThe Lightning Thief1024 Words   |  5 PagesHalf-Blood, a camp for demigods: children with an Olympian Greek god for one parent. While avoiding the Minotaurs attacks, his mother is killed (or at least thats what Percy thinks). Percy then finds a strange strength inside of him and kills the Minotaur. He carries Grover down to Camp Half-Blood and faints on the front porch. Once he revives, he realizes he is in Camp Half-Blood. The camp is located off Long Island. There, he meets Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. They become good friends byRead MoreThe Bull At The Palace Of Minos Essay1836 Words   |  8 PagesINTRODUCTION One of the most captivating tales from Ancient Greece is that of King Minos of Crete and the Minotaur, a beast half-man and half-bull. This legend, immortalised by modern films, has its origins in the Aegean, at a time when the bull held a special place in society. During excavations near Heraklion in Crete in 1990, English archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans unearthed a massive structure built by a sophisticated Bronze Age civilisation. Evans identified this as the Palace of KingRead MoreBoy with Dyslexia and ADHD in Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan662 Words   |  3 Pages a 12 year old boy with dyslexia and ADHD, as he began to suspect that his life was not what it seems when his class took a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and his teacher, Mrs. Dodds transformed into one of the three Furies of Greek legend and attacked him. Percys Latin teacher, Mr. Brunner, threw him a magic sword named Anaklusmos, or Riptide, and killed her. When Percy came out from the battle, nobody remembered Mrs. Dodds and his best friend Grover Underwood began to act strangelyRead MoreGreek Mythology And The Lightening Thief1940 Words   |  8 Pages- halfman and half-horse. (Cartwright, Greek Mythology.) Greek Mythology, are the beliefs and ritual observances of the ancient Greeks, who became the first Western civilization about 2000 BC. It consists mainly of a body of diverse stories and legends about a variety of gods. Greek mythology had become fully developed by about the 700s BC(A history of Ancient Greece, mythology). Greek mythology has several distinguishing characteristics. The Greek gods resembled humans in form and showed humanRead MoreSympathy for the Devil in Nathaniel Hawthrone ´s The Scarlet Letter725 Words   |  3 PagesDante’s Satan. Because Cook’s devil is not restricted, he is able to challenge God to a contest, rather than bear his punishment in silence like Dante’s devil. The devil has taken on many forms in both legend and media throughout history. Whether it is a con-man in a suit, or a vicious minotaur-like monster, the devil has been a representation of human evil since his conception. Satan in both Dante’s Inferno and Peter Cook’s Bedazzled is seen as an evil figure forced into an eternity of punishment

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Rhetorical Analysis of Ronald Reagan Essay examples

Rhetorical Analysis of Ronald Reagan’s â€Å"Tear Down this Wall† Ra’Shell Ford Due 7/24/2011 Rhetorical Analysis of Ronald Reagan’s â€Å"Tear Down this Wall† On August 15, 1961, Communists began building a wall to keep Germans from escaping Communist-controlled East Berlin to West Democratic Berlin. There were guards, electric barbed wired fences, and of course the twelve foot concrete wall that prevented Germans from escaping. After the wall was built many Germans still tried to flee the west but not all were successful. The East Berlin Germans were now under total dictatorship of the Soviets. Many United States Presidents traveled to Berlin to share their views on democracy with the Communists, but the Communist weren’t persuaded. In 1987,†¦show more content†¦He also believed that the Eastern and Western parts should be close together, so that all the people of Berlin could enjoy the same benefits of life. Having everyone united would bring in more power to the city. Reagan stated, â€Å"Where four decades ago there was rubble, today in West Berlin there is the greatest industrial output of any city in Germany--busy of fice blocks, fine homes and apartments, proud avenues, and the spreading lawns of parkland (Reagan, 1987).† He went on to say â€Å"Where there was want, today theres abundance--food, clothing, automobiles--the wonderful goods of the Kudamm. From devastation, from utter ruin, you Berliners have, in freedom, rebuilt a city that once again ranks as one of the greatest on earth.† Reagan used logic to give the east views of a more prosperous future that stood on the other side of that wall. Ronald Reagan was a very smart man. He used his words and tone to grab the attention of all those who stood before him. He used his intelligence to go to Berlin and make sure that his message was received. He was determined for change and was sure that he was the man to make that possible. Although he didn’t plan on taking over and controlling West Berlin, he presented information to the people in a way that they would want the best for themselves. Ronald Reagan’s speech proved to be very successful. He went to Berlin with a purpose to persuade and used emotion, logic, and intelligence. I’mShow MoreRelatedRhetorical Analysis Of Ronald Reagan s Farewell Address Essay1767 Words   |  8 PagesFarewells and Fair-Warnings A Rhetorical Analysis of Ronald Reagan’s Farewell Address Introduction to Analysis On January 11, 1989, President Ronald Reagan sat at his desk in the Oval Office to address his nation for the final time. This rhetorical moment was not the first of its kind. Rather, the Farewell Address is a Presidential tradition, started by George Washington, that every president takes part in before leaving office. As a sort of â€Å"goodbye† to the nation, the President discusses the accomplishmentsRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Ronald Reagan s Boys Of Pointe Du Hoc Speech By Peggy Noonan1421 Words   |  6 PagesRonald Reagan’s Fortieth Anniversary of D-Day Speech became known as the â€Å"Boys of Pointe Du Hoc Speech† written by Peggy Noonan. The speech was delivered on June 6, 1984 in Normandy, France: the site where the Allied forces invaded the cliffs just forty years before Reagan had delivered this memorable speech (Stepman). The forum itself was an important aspect of the speech. The delivery of the speech there, on the windy shore cliffs of nor thern France, enhanced the visualization as well as the nostalgiaRead MoreThe Evil Empire1318 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Courtney Professor English 1302 20 September 2013 An Analysis of Ronald Reagan’s â€Å"The Evil Empire.† Ronald Reagan gave a speech in Orlando, Florida on March 8, 1983 called, â€Å"The Evil Empire.† This speech was intended for the ears of all Americans and is one of the best known presidential speeches ever given. In his speech, Reagan uses multiple rhetorical strategies such as; metaphors, allusions, rhetorical questions, tone, pathos, and uses references from the bible. He talks about all theRead MoreRhetorical Analysis: the Challenger Address 720 Words   |  3 PagesRhetorical Analysis: â€Å"The Challenger Address† The rhetorical situation refers to â€Å"a situation in which people’s understanding can be changed through messages.† (Zarefsky, 12). The rhetorical situation analysis consists of four elements: audience, occasion, speaker and speech, each assessing the quality of speech. In this essay, I will analyze the rhetorical situation of the historical speech â€Å"The Challenger Address† delivered by the 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan. AmericansRead MoreEssay about Rhetorical Analysis: â€Å"the Challenger Address†704 Words   |  3 PagesRhetorical Analysis: â€Å"The Challenger Address† The rhetorical situation refers to â€Å"a situation in which people’s understanding can be changed through messages.† (Zarefsky, 12). The rhetorical situation analysis consists of four elements: audience, occasion, speaker and speech, each assessing the quality of speech. In this essay, I will analyze the rhetorical situation of the historical speech â€Å"The Challenger Address† delivered by the 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan. AmericansRead MoreAnalysis of Ronald Reagans Sppech, The Challenger Disaster1723 Words   |  7 PagesWhile seated in the Oval Office of the White house, January 28, 1986 President Ronald Reagan delivers his speech The Challenger Disaster; hours after the space shuttle The Challenger explodes while in take off. Thousands witnessed this horrifying event live in person and on television. This mission was very unique allowing the first civilian to ever be allowed in space during a mission. She was aboard The Challenger as an observer in the NASA Teacher in Space Program. Ironically, nineteen years beforeRead MoreRhetorical Analysis: Rhetorical Analysis:1723 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿ Rhetorical Analysis: President Ronald Reagan s Farwell Address Rhetorical Analysis: Reagan s Farwell Address Ronald Reagan s Farewell Address was an amazing example of conveying the fundamentals for freedom through an emotional and visual lesson. It is no wonder that the president known as the great communicator was successful in painting for us a picture of who we were, past and present, and the improvements in the areas of strength, securityRead MoreThe World Through Freedom And Democracy : A Critical Analysis866 Words   |  4 PagesUniting the World Through Freedom and Democracy: A Critical Analysis of the Pre-Emptive Cold War Policy Strategy of President Ronald Reagan’s â€Å"Tear Down This Wall!† Speech This critical analysis of â€Å"Tear Down This Wall!† speech of 1987 will define President Ronald Reagan’s properly conveyed speech on the necessity of tearing down the Berlin Wall as a symbol of democracy and freedom on a global scale. Reagan examines the ideological barriers of the Cold War, which are defined in the Berlin WallRead MorePolitical Discourse And Political Politics1359 Words   |  6 Pagesas the main political discourse and A Time for Choosing takes full advantage of those sentiments. At the beginning of his speech, Reagan mentions his past as a liberal democrat. According to his own auto-biography, An American Life, Reagan aligned with the left until his relationship with conservative actress, Nancy Davis. During the duration of their relationship, Reagan had abandoned support for the democratic candidates in 1952 and 1956 in favor of the republican alternatives. He eventually registeredRead MoreCommunication Is A Vital Weapon Of American Politics1757 Words   |  8 Pageswith organized speech since before the signing of the declaration of independence. With a well written speech, and a practiced delivery, one man can change the views of our entire country. No one has done this more successfully than Ronald Reagan. When Ronald Reagan gave the televised speech A Time for Choosing for the Barry Goldwater Campaign in 1964, he changed the way that American campaign speeches would be given forever. According to critics, his performance is â€Å"the most effective† of its kind

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Nine Legal Duties - 988 Words

â€Å"Nine Legal Duties† Michael Brown Lana Williams 5-7-12 M amp; W11:00-11:50 HUPF 3063 When planning a workout or skill, make sure you take it into consideration that all athletes are the same. Some of the coach’s athlete’s need more assistance than other’s. Never teach a skill too fast. It is advice that a coach shouldn’t advance the skill too quick; it could lead to a very dangerous situation. When planning an activity, the coach should consider each athlete’s capacity. Some are going to be in shape than others. This doesn’t mean to push forth and make progression. Make sure that each athlete ready before planning any workout. By doing fitness test will determine each athletes standards. Remember to develop a well plan that†¦show more content†¦There should always be supervision when a workout is carried out. It will ensure that the athlete is doing what their supposed to do. As a coach, you are responsible to foresee the hazards that may come upon. Never leave the students unattended. If you need to walkout for an i mportant call, then ask your assistant coach to supervise. If a coach doesn’t have anyone to take responsibility of his or hers athletes, then stop what their doing and make them take a break. This will prevent injuries from your athletes. A coach is expected to alert conditions that may be dangerous to your athletes. Always take action and protect your athletes. Duty nine provides appropriate emergencies assistance. A coach should provide medical assistance for injured athletes. If medical assistance can’t be reach then the coach should seek first aid. When fulfilling this duty a coach should seek first aid. When fulfilling this duty, a coach should have each athlete fill out a consent form for each athlete at the beginning of the season. When an athlete is injured, then the coach should take precaution on what to do. Pride will only get you half way; a coach needs to realistic in what he or she is doing. They need to be ready and have high-quality mind set. They shou ld have fun in what they’re doing and should never make this an unpleasant task. By following these nine duties, it’ll help a great deal on how to manage your athletes and knowShow MoreRelatedThe Strengths And Development Of The Center For Biological Diversity835 Words   |  4 PagesBehind every organization is a board of directors. The board is responsible for overseeing the organization and its mission. In order to fulfill this duty, boards must find capable individuals to join them. This is accomplished in a variety of ways such as through an election by membership or by pre-existing board members. Not only are board members expected to be capable of overseeing an organization, they should also be representative of their constituents. There is no fixed term on how long aRead MoreMonitor Company s Internal Control Function1096 Words   |  5 Pagesalso be applied, as applicable, to nonprofit and private settings. Case 1: The In re Veeco Instruments Case: Ensuring Adequate Internal Controls, Legal Compliance and Follow Through with Whistleblower Complaints. This case illustrates the importance of following through on all duties allocated to the audit committee in its charter. These duties may be required by law or listing requirements or by delegation to the committee by the company’s Board. For example, as noted in Part I, Exhibit ARead MoreRobert Peel s Principles Of Law Enforcement1253 Words   |  6 Pagesas well as justice for actions. These nine principles set up what he envisioned the metropolitan police to stand for and he wanted people to mold themselves to the conformity of the nine principles. In reviewing Peel’s Principles of Law Enforcement, the first principle listed states, â€Å"The basic mission for which the police exist is to prevent crime and disorder as an alternative to the repression of crime and disorder by military force and severity of legal punishment.† This principle basically meansRead MoreThe Rights Of Pregnant Women982 Words   |  4 Pagesmust require consent by the pregnant woman directly if possible and not forced by the courts or state interests. A person would not be forced by legal actions to save another human beings life especially if there is bodily intrusion present; being pregnant is not an exception. There is a general no duty to act rule that states that people do not have a duty to prevent harm when it is happening. In the case of A.C., her diagnosis of cancer presented harm to her fetus that was out of her control andRead MoreThe First Constitution of the Republic of Texas (1836)902 Words   |  4 Pagesliberty to ourselves, and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution†. (â€Å"Constitution of Republic of Texas† pp. 9-25.) Created in 1836, the first Constitution of the Republic of Texas was born. Fearful of attack by Mexican troops, fifty nine delegates, borrowing from other State Constitutions and the United States Constitution, met at the Washington-on-the-Brazos to write the first Constitution for Texas as an independent unitary body of Government. (Haag and Keith p. 37) Consi stingRead MoreEthical Frameworks Essay896 Words   |  4 Pagessubject to a multitude of professional, legal, and ethical responsibilities which call for personal judgment to be utilized in such a manner as to protect clients as well as public wellness and interests. Overall considerations in handling such duties may be considered to be respect of a client’s autonomy, confidence, and recognition of obligations owed to all clients. While the aforementioned acts fall within the professional realm, there are also legal implications that guide care. ThereforeRead MoreThe Legal And Ethical Issues Of Health Care Of A Child Essay1530 Words   |  7 PagesNurses are subject to a plethora of legal, ethical, and professional duties which can be very challenging on a day to day basis. Some of these duties include respecting a patient s confidentiality and autonomy, and to recognize the duty of care that is owed to all patients. As nurses our duties are always professional; howe ver there are legal implications if these duties are breached. We also must consider when it is okay as nurses to breach these duties and therefore ethical issues arise.Read MoreThe Purpose of Vice Presidency Essay examples902 Words   |  4 Pageshowever, the role of the vice president is far more complex than that. In this paper, I will discuss the position of the vice presidency and the role of the 25th amendment. The Framers devoted little attention to the vice president’s duties when designing this role. They provided that â€Å"he shall be president of the Senate, but shall have no vote, unless they be evenly divided† (U.S. Senate). I feel that when the Framers sat down to debate the powers of the presidencyRead MoreGlobalization - Turkey1743 Words   |  7 Pagesthe macroeconomic fundamentals of the country, the economy posted an average growth rate of annual GDP by 5.2 percent over nine years, between 2002 and 2011. Average of annual growth GDP(%) 2002-2011 Supported by stable economic growth, Turkey has also mastered its public finances, public debt rated general defined by the EU fell from 74 percent to 39.4 percent in nine years (2002-2011). Turkey respects since 2004, therefore the test established by the EU in Maastricht set the threshold ofRead MoreNational Education Union Research Paper1030 Words   |  5 Pagesthe Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959. The union under consideration in this paper is The National Education Association of the Unite States. The National Education Association is made of two million, nine hundred and fifty two thousand nine hundred and seventy two members as per 2015. These number consists of teachers of public institutions including universities and colleges. Retired educators and students who are studying to be teachers also form part of the union

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Question: Discuss About The Management Financial Accounting Assignment? Answer: Introduction Liquidation of the company implies shuting down of the operations of the company and closing the books of the accounts and selling of the assets to meet the liabilities proportionately in the order of sequence to be seen and managed by the iquidator of the company. Some of the reasons are that the company may not be able to pay its short term and long term debts on time, it may find that the excessive expenditure is required in continuing the business, the debtors have not paid the money dues or the company is not having adequare resources to cover the cost or because of the harsh competition(Knechel Salterio, 2016). In line with the above mentioned reasons, the director or partner of the company may choose to liquidate the firm or the company based on the following reasons like if the company is not being able to meet its debt and continuously incurring into the debts, then the company may propose for voluntary liquidation. In some case directors or partners personal assets would also be liable for the liqiuidation purposes in cases where they hold unlimited liability. (Raiborn, et al., 2016). Liquidation is also termed as winding up of the company and is often the official closure of the companys existence. The official liquidator is appointed by the creditors or shareholders of the company and represents the creditorss interests. There can be many other reasons besides the above mentioned reasons basis which the company may go into liquidation like unorganised upkeep of the business, weak internal control by the management, inadequacy of working capital of the company, the location or the business might not be right, impertinent and uncompetitive management, lack of planning to develop the correct business model, direct competition in the market adversely, etc(Fay Negangard, 2017). The case of liquidation with ABC learning, One Tel Phone company and HIH Insurance ABC learning was one of the pioneer companies in Australia providing education services to the children. It was also being listed in the Australian Stock Exchange and its market capitalization at that time was around AUD 2.5 billion in 2006. The company went into liquidation on account of failing to repay the subprime mortgage loan and thus overwhelming the company. The auditors had to hold the signing of the audit report of the company for that year citing the need to recast and reinstate the reported profits of the previous year. Amidst all this, it went into liquidation in the year 2008 and was bought back by Goodyear Early Learning in December 2009 which now operated in 650 centress across Asutralia(Sonu, et al., 2017). The backdrop behind all this is the major acquisition and child care support which the company started to give in he early 2000s and the major increase in the number of centres as compared to its major competitors who had barely 100 centres across the world. Will all these acquisitions, they not only capitalised and improved the markets share in the UK but also captured 1% of the markets in the US as well. It grew rapiding and aggressively negotiating to deal with Australias largest employers like Department of Defence. It was highly profitable in 2004 -05 and 2005-06 giving the net profits percentage of 17% and 18% respectively on the sales revenue of $292.7 Milliion and $219.8 Million. In all this process, it kept on increasing its debt triggering a decline in the share prices by 42% in 2007. Despite all this, it fell into receivership on account of increase in the debt servicing obligations due to which the auditor could not sign the financial statements. Even though the then fede ral government injected funds in the company, but it was still delisted from SP and Australian Stock exchange on account of creditors voluntary winding up in this case. The collapse of the ABC learning was mainly due to the lack of corporate governance in the company just 9 months prior to its liquidation. In the backdrop, there was no control whatsoever on the purchases being done by the group on account of the acquisitions(Jones, 2017). This was just a rubber and stamo exercise as mentioned by the chief lawyer of the ABC company. The court also mentioned that the major reason behind all this was the differences in valuation of the major acquisitions being done to the tune of multi million dollars. It grew amazing and big to have 2300 child care centres all over the company implying the market concerns on the reporting and proper disclosure of these acquisitions. It was one of the major internal control failures on account of the company leading to weak corporate governance. It has no investment review committee as is required to see the major acquisitions and sale in the course of the business. It just had an odd management group approval which we re doing nothing except the redundant rubber stanmp exercise. One of the reports also showed up that an independent valuation of one of the acquired companies 123 careers came to roughly at around $ 30 Mn but it was bought for a huge amount of $ 70 Mn which was evident of the overvaluation. In this way, there were a number of acquisitions which was being made by the ABC learning without proper due deligence and proper valuation of the business to be acquired. One tel Phone company was one of the major telecommunication giants in Australia having over 2 Million customers across 8 nations. This again was the victim of the weak internal control and non competiting management which gave wrong forecasting to the shareholders and the market in terms of the revenue and the profits for the future years. It earned huge profits during the past 4 years ranging from 40% to 1275 as basis this the revenue estimate was expected to be increased by around 10 times in 2010 but the same could not happen inspite of the huge growth by the company. This was because the company had invested huge amounts in the spectrum licenses which als included public funding of $ 340 Mn. Moreover, inspite of the cash crunch, the company kept on paying its director Rich Keeling hefty amounts as salary and bonus in 2000. This had a major impact on the company resulting into losses of $ 291 Mn and soon thereafter share prices fell miserably to $1. All this followed the company to close its opeartions and sell the assets to pay off its debts. Also, huge number of employees were laid off. This was an example where the internal control system, the ethics and governance of the company was challenged terribly and the information was not validated before flowing to the market. Not only the sales, but the receivables, the accruals, the estimated profit figures based on which the investments were made were all misstated. This called a early indication from the auditors of the company but the auditors also kept quiet, reflecting low audit quality. The 3rd company in the list is HIH insurance company which was the 2nd largest insurance company in Australia at that time and got liquidated in 2001 with an imposing figure of loss measuring $ 5.3 billion. This is still known to be the worst ever corpoarate collapse in the history of Australia. All the dues and debts in HIH company is majorly attributable to the incorrect and overstated pricing of the mergers and acquisitions done by the company in early 2000s. It took over FAI insurance company and many others and accounted them at a very aggressive intent of accounting. Inspite of suffering the losses and cash crunch, the company continued to pay a huge amount as compete fee or severance fee to its CEO just before the close of the company. It was found that liabilities and reserves were unstated in acquisition accounting like in CE Health International and wrong figures were quoted to the stakeholders in terms of the net assets and liabilities held by the company without correct d isclosures. It was not only non compliant with the corporate governance laws but also the ethics of the business and thus went into serious losses in 2001, as a result of which the company had to liquidate. Conclusion We see that the company went into liquidation owning to a lot of factors. There were several reasons that had led to this and the management of the company was to be held liable for the same. The books of accounts of the company wree not audited properly which shows that how important it is for the auditor to take a valid stand. The liquidation could have been prevented had the management taken a proper stand in this matter. If the management of the company did not influence the opinion of the auditor, and showed huge revenues in its financial statements which were actually from loss making units, the company would have been saved. When the new auditor took over, they saw that their opinion regarding the financials of the company were entirely different from those of the previous auditors. This led to internal probe into the matter and when the auditors asked the management of the company to rectify the mistakes, the management refused to do the same. This attitude of the management eventually led to the liquidation of the company and that had also put a big question mark on other companies in this sector(Grenier, 2017). The overall scale of profitability of the liquidated company was much more than its peers, this raised aquestion on the validation of the accounts. There were a lot of assumptions that the company had done that showed that the books were not maintained ethically. The one lesson that can be learnt form the downfall of the company is that we should try to maintain ethical practices as much as possible and should never go for falsification of the records. If the company in any way frauds, it is the responsibility of the auditor to look into the matter and comment on the same. The audit opinion must be unbiased and should not be influenced by the company or its peers. In the given case, the previous auditor pitcher plant worked as per the suggestions of the management and that had affected the overall audit report which was proved to be tampered and showed a wrong impression about the company accounts(Bae, 2017). Recomendations There are various ways by which the companies acn avoid getting liquidated. Going concern is one of the most important accounting assumption and it is important that the companies follow the same. There are several laws stated that governs the liquidation policies of the companie around the world. These liquidation policies helps provide a basis and several procedures that will help the companies in the liquidation process and will also protect the interest of the stakeholders who are dependant on the company. They are the biggest affected party because of the entire downfall, they had invested in the company in the pursuit of getting good returns and than if the company liquidates they face huge losses. So it is important that all the laws must be followed, liquidators must be appointed nad all the investors who ahd invested in the company should get their basic dues in return of the same. Thus this analsysis of the ABC learning company helps us in developing a stand over the matter of liquidation. It provides a list of things that the management should not do in order to avoid the same. This helps in the global evaluation and development of the companies and also there has been changes in the liquidation laws that has made the overall process less complicated(DeZoort Harrison, 2016). Refrences Bae, S., 2017. The Association Between Corporate Tax Avoidance And Audit Efforts: Evidence From Korea. Journal of Applied Business Research, 33(1), pp. 153-172. DeZoort, F. Harrison, P., 2016. Understanding Auditors sense of Responsibility for detecting fraud within organization. Journal of Business Ethics, pp. 1-18. Fay, R. Negangard, E., 2017. Manual journal entry testing : Data analytics and the risk of fraud. Journal of Accounting Education, Volume 38, pp. 37-49. Grenier, J., 2017. Encouraging Professional Skepticism in the Industry Specialization Era. Journal of Business Ethics, 142(2), pp. 241-256. Jones, P., 2017. Statistical Sampling and Risk Analysis in Auditing. NY: Routledge. Knechel, W. Salterio, S., 2016. Auditing:Assurance and Risk. fourth ed. New York: Routledge. Raiborn, C., Butler, J. Martin, K., 2016. The internal audit function: A prerequisite for Good Governance. Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, 28(2), pp. 10-21. Sonu, C., Ahn, H. Choi, A., 2017. Audit fee pressure and audit risk: evidence from the financial crisis of 2008. Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting Economics , 24(1-2), pp. 127-144.